maandag 10 maart 2014

New additions for trade & sale

  • Z' EV-Opus 3.1-1992?-CD-USA (Soleilmoon)-very experimental percussions
  • NDV-Karma-2001 -CD-D (EarCandy)-Spocks Beard solo
  • Zander, Robin-Robin Zander-1993 -CD-D (Interscope)-melodic hard rock
  • Crimson Glory-Astronomica-1999 -CD-? (Rising Sun) digi, ltd edt-power metal-
  • Seigmen-Metropolis-1995 -CD-Nor (Sony)-heavy rock-
  • To Elysium-My Dearest Vile-2002 -CD-NL (Cold Blood)-metal-
  • Yared, Gabriel-Betty Blue - 37.2 Le Matin - OST-1986 -CD-NL (Virgin)-soundtrack-
  • Divided Multitude-Falling To Pieces-2003 -CD-? (Elevate)-progmetal-
  • Divided Multitude-Inner Self-1999 -CD-USA (Sensory)-progmetal-
  • Dipsomaniacs-Brald Of Knees-1999 -CD-Nor (Progress Records)-psychedelic rock
  • Dipsomaniacs-Praying Winter-2003 -CD-Nor (Big Dipper)-psychedelic rock
  • Reichel, Achim-Dat shanty album-1976 -CD-D (Line)-sea shanties-
  • Downfall Of Gaia-Suffocating In The Swarms Of Cranes-2012 -CD-EU (Metal Blade) ltd digi w stickers-atmospheric metal
  • Red Harvest-HyBreed-199?-CD-Nor (Voice Of Wonders)-heavy-
  • Absence-XXX-2000 -CD-NL (private)-rock-
  • Absence-Gift-2003 -CD-NL (private)-rock-
  • Omar Ka-H.O.W.-1997 -CD-NL (Steamin' Soundworks)-ethno pop-
  • Transvision Vamp-Velveteen-1989 -CD-D (MCA)-pop/rock-
  • White Town-Women In technology-1997 -CD-NL (Chrysalis/EMI)-techno-pop-
  • Madrugada-The Nightly Disease, Vol II-2001 -MCD-Nor (Virgin)-rock-
  • Essence, The-Dancing In The Rain - The Best Of-1994 -CD-UK (Anagram)-wave-
  • Cycloon-Plasma Fusion-1997 -CD-D (Khazad-Dum)-electronic-
  • Johnson, Lonnie-The unsung blues legend-2000 -CD-USA (Blues Magnet)-blues-
  • Larsen, Kim-Sange Fra Glemmebogen-2001 -CD-EU (EMI)-rock-
  • Psycho Candy-Psycho Candy-2005 -MCD-private CDr-rock-
  • Rudd, Xavier-Solare-2007 -CD-? (Salt) digi-pop-
  • Glass, Philip-Dance Pieces-1987 -CD-USA? (CBS)-minimal music
  • Queen-Sheer Heart Attack-1974 -CD-UK (EMI)-Queen-
  • Beauvoir, Jean-Drums Along The Mohawk-1986 -CD-D (Virgin)-melodic rock-
  • Styx-StyxWorld Live 2001-2001 -CD-USA (CMC)-pomp/AOR-
  • Extreme-More than words (remix)/Kid ego/Nice place to visit-1991 -MCD-D (A&M)-metal(prog)-
  • Valensia-Gaia/1997/My heart is in your hands-1993 -MCD-NL (Mercury)-bombastic rock
  • Journey-Red 13-2002 -CD-It (Frontiers)-AOR-
  • Sky-Toccata/Vivaldi-1980 -7"-NL (Ariola)-symphonic/classical prog/pop
  • Starship-Nothing's gonna stop us now/Layin' it on the line-1987 -7"-UK (Grunt)-AOR-
  • Zappa, Frank-I don't wanna get drafted/Ancient armaments-1980 -7"-NL (CBS)-Zappa!!!!-
  • Garbarek Group, Jan-Twelve Moons-1993 -CD-D (ECM)-ECM jazz-
  • Nightwish-Angels Fall First-2002 -CD-EU (Spinefarm) remaster + bonus-symphonic metal
  • Meshuggah-Chaosphere-1998 -CD-D (Nuclear Blast)-technical extreme metal
  • Kast, De-Het Duister/Ruthless queen-2000 -MCD-NL (Proacts)-Dutch pop-
  • Anderson, Jon-Earthmotherearth-1997 -CD-USA (Elipsis)--
  • Espers-Espers-2004 -CD-USA (Witchita) jewelcase-acid folk-
  • Wolf People-Silbury Sands/Dry-2011 -7"-USA (JagJaguwar)-psychedelic prog-new
  • Samuel Jackson Five, The-The Samuel Jackson Five-2012 -LP-Nor (Denovali)-jazz-prog-still sealed
  • Gilmour, David-Blue light (single version)/Cruise-1984 -7"-D (Harvest/EMI)-solo PF-
  • Alien-I'll survive/(remix)-1987 -7"-Swe (Virgin)-AOR-
  • Plant, Robert-Pink and black/Trouble your money-1985 -7"-D (Warner)--
  • Jethro Tull-Living in the past EP-2013 -7"-EU (Chrysalis) still sealed!!-folky progressive
  • Reekers, Edward-Child Of The Water-2008 -CD-NL (Concord)-melodic pop/rock
  • A.C.T.-Silence-2006 -CD-D (InsideOut)-melodic prog-
  • v.a.-Terminal Sales Vol VI: The Silver Ticket-2013 -CD-? (SubPop) digi-various rock-
  • v.a.-Snowstars Records Compilation-2013 -CD-NL (Snowstar) digi-various rock-
  • Delain-See me in shadow (edit)/Frozen (acoustic)/Silhouette of a dancer (acoustic)/See me in shadow (acoustic)/video-2007 -MCD-EU (RoadRunner) -gothic rock-
  • Langsomt Mot Nord-Gufsi fraa fjellom/Westrveg-1988 -7"-NL (CBS) promo-folk/rock-
  • Sage Malone-I Can Do Without You/Tough days-1986 -7"-Nor (SM Records)--
  • Selputura-Dante XXI-2006 -CD-D (SPV/Steamhammer) only CD-metal-
  • Pain Of Salvation-Be-2004 -CD-D (InsideOut)-progmetal-
  • v.a.-Beyond rock (Jam Camp, System Seven, Astoria, Jeff Bear, Sadhappy, Astoria, etc)-1992 -CD-USA (For Art's Sake)--
  • Wollo, Erik-Transit-1996 -CD-Nor (Monumental Records)-electronic-
  • Sylvian, David-Approaching Silence-1999 -CD-EU (Virgin)-atmospheric pop
  • Kamelot-The Fourth Legacy-1999 -CD-EU (Sanctuary/Noise)-progmetal-
  • Mastodon-Crack The Skye-2009 -CD-EU (Reprise)-extreme progmetal
  • Symphony X-Paradise Lost-2007 -CD-D (InsideOut)-progmetal-
  • Angel (Nor)-A Woman's Diary - Chapter I-2005 -CD-? (Black Lotus) digi, price tear-gothic metal-
  • v.a.-The alien killer orange -1997 -CD-Noo (Briskeby records) # 211/450-various prog-
  • Enya-Shepherd Moons-1991 -CD-D (Warner)-Celtic ambient pop
  • Moore, Gary & BB King-Since I met yo baby/Texas strut (live)/Moving on (live)/The hurt inside-1992 -MCD-? (Virgin)-blues rock-
  • Magnum-Vigilante-1986 -CD-D (Polydor)-progressive hard rock
  • Hitchings, Tracy-From ignorance to ecstacy-1991 -CD-UK (Verglas)-mainstream prog
  • Three Fates Project-Three Fates Project-2012 -CD/DVD-? (Simax) digi-orchestral ELP++-still sealed
  • Jethro Tull-Songs From The Wood-1977 -CD-EU (EMI/Chrysalis) remaster w 2 bonus-folky progressive
  • Bel Canto-Rumour (4 mixes)-1996 -MCD-D (Atlantic/Lava)-atmospheric pop
  • Oldfield, Mike-Millenium bell-1999 -CD-D (WEA)-Oldfield-prog-
  • Brainville 3-Trial By Headline-2008 -CD-USA (ReR)-avant-psych-
  • Mastermind-III - Tragic Symphony-1995 -CD-UK (Cyclops) -bombastic heavy sympho
  • Cliffhanger-Mirror Site-1998 -CD-F (Musea)-70's like prog-
  • Silent Lucidity-Positive As Sound-1996 -CD-D (WMMS)-progmetal-
  • Brother Love-Rock 'n Roll Criminal-1997 -CD-D (September Gurls)-heavy psych-
  • Copernicus-Cipher And Decipher-2011 -CD-USA (MoonJune) digi-experimental-
  • Random Touch-Through The Lens of the Other Dimensions-2010 -CD-USA (Token Boy) digi-experimental-
  • Audioslave-Audioslave-2002 -CD-? (Epic) NEW w sticker on jewelcase-hard rock-
  • Fight-War Of Words-1993 -CD-? (Epic)-metal-
  • Kristine, Liv-Trapped in your labyrinth-2006 -MCD-D? (Roadrunner) promo-gothic pop-
  • Magic Pie-The Suffering Joy-2011 -CD-Swe (Progress) digi-neo prog-still sealed
  • XTC-Fossil Fuel - The XTC Singles 1977-92-1996 -CD-NL (Virgin)-new wave-
  • McKennitt, Loreena-The book of secrets-1997 -CD-D (Quinlan Road)-exquisite enthno folk-rock
  • Queensryche-I am I/Real world/Dirty lil' secret/Someone else? (full band version)-1994 -MCD-UK (EMI) jewelcase-progmetal-
  • Asia (UK)-Don't cry/Daylight-1983 -7"-NL (Geffen)-stadium prog-
  • Tarja-Yhden enkelin unelma-200?-MCD-Fin (Passion)-opera metal-
  • Bush, Kate-Aerial-2005 -CD-EU (Fish People) digi-Kate Bush!-
  • Zebra-No Tellin' Lies-1984 -CD-UK (Rock Candy) remastered-prog/AOR-still sealed
  • Spinvis-B-kantje-2012 -7"-NL (Excelsior) promo, 1 sided-rock-new
  • Knol, Tim-Letting go/Glory days, Golden years-2012 -7"-NL (Excelsior)-rock-new
  • Hospital Bombers-When the cows come home-200?-7"-NL (Subbacultcha) w. stickers-guitar rock-new
  • v.a.-Haarlem Vinyl Stad Presenteert: Kliko Fest-2013 -7"-NL (Suburban Records)-rock-new
  • Jones, Howard-What is love?/It just doesn't matter-1983 -7"-D (WEA)-pop-
  • Radiohead-There there/Paperbag writer/where the bluebirds fly-2003 -MCD-EU (Parlophone) including print-post rock-
  • Ozone Quartet-Fresh blood-1997 -CD-USA (Flat Five Records)-jazz-rock-
  • Sigur Ros-Med Sud I Eyrum Vid Spilum Endaleanst/With A Buzz In Our Ears We Play Endlessly-2008 -CD-EU (EMI) digi-postrock-still sealed
  • Gabriel, Peter-In your eyes/(special mix)-1986 -7"-USA (Geffen)-sophisticated prog pop
  • Amos, Tori-Professional widow (5 mixes)-1996 -MCD-D (EastWest)--
  • Marillion-Brief encounter-1985 -LP-USA-neo prog-bit waterdamage in corner
  • v.a.-New Species, Volume X-2013 -CD-? (CRS)-various prog-new
  • v.a.-New Species, Volume XI-2013 -CD-? (CRS)-various prog-new
  • Marillion-Lavender/Lavender-1985 -7"-US (Capitol) promo-neo prog-
  • Twelfth Night-Shame/Blue powder monkey-1986 -7"-UK (Virgin)-energetic prog
  • v.a.-Uncovered - Mojo Presents Rolling Stones-2013 -CD-UK (Mojo)--new
  • Barbed Wire-Rock 'n roll Remedy-2014 -CD-card sleeve-heavy rock-new
  • Copernicus-Nothing Exists-1984 -CD-USA (MoonJune) digi-experimental-
  • Meshuggah-Destroy Erase Improve-1995 -CD-D (Nuclear Blast)-technical extreme metal
  • Tenebre-XIII-1996 -CD-Swe (Record Heaven-dark & heavy-

vrijdag 4 januari 2013

Wanted Items!

Some musical items I'm looking for...

All Angels Gone - Quietly (CD)
ABWH - Brother of mine (3” CD, Japanese long sleeve)
Jon Anderson - Animation (LP or CD)
Anyone's Daughter - any 7" single except "Moria"
Ars Nova - Six Singular Expressions (CD) Japanese group
Ars Nova - Lacrimaria (CD) Japanese group
Ars Nova - Seventh Hell (CD) Japanese group
Atlantic Rising - Tightrope 7"
Awakening - Two Worlds (LP)
Awakening - Sanctified (LP or CD)
Back Door - 87th Street Nites (CD or LP)
Back Door - Another Fine Mess (CD or LP)
Baku - Ballads Of My Bequest (CDs)
Bruford - Gradually Going Tornado (CD or LP)
Bruford/Moraz - Flags (CD or LP)
Bruford/Moraz - Music for Piano and drums (CD or LP)
Camel On The Road 1982 (CD)
Camel On The Road 1981 (CD)
The Current - same (CD) AOR
Death Organ - 9 To 5 (CD)
Egg - Egg (CD)
Eiliff - Eiliff
Eiliff - Girlrls
Fantasy - Vivariatum (CD)
Gentle Giant - Power and the Glory (CD)
Giuffria - I feel like I’m dreaming (7”)
Giuffria - Call to the heart (7” - have to check which one)
Giuffria - Love you forever (7”)
Michael Gleason - Every Road (CD)
Michael Gleason - Cornerstone (CD)
Grobschnitt - Grobschnitt
Grobschnitt - Jumbo (both UK and German)
Grobschnitt - Merry Go Round
Grobschnitt - Volle Molle
Grobschnitt - Razzia
Grobschnitt - Fantasten
Grobschnitt - Last Party
Happy The Man - Death’s Crown (CD)
Kay Hoffmann - (LP or CD)
IQ - No love lost (7")
IQ - Drive on (7" and CDs)
It Bites - Thank You And Goodnight (picture LP)
Kampai - Land Of The Free (CD)
Kampai - Phantasmorgia (CD)
Kansas - Carry On You Wayward son (live at Whisky) (promo CDs, 1992)
Kansas - Can I tell you (7”, promo)
Kayak - See See The Sun (CD, Pseudonym)
Kayak - Kayak (CD, Pseudonym)
Kayak - Merlin (CD, Pseudonym)
Kayak - Eyewitness (CD, Pseudonym)
Kayak - Periscope Life (CD, Mercury)
Klaatu - Endangered Species (LP and CD)
Klaatu - any 7" single
Jack Lancaster - Peter And The Wolf (CD)
Last Turion - Seduction Overdose
Lens - Sketches (CD, 1997)
Kerry Livgren - When Things Get Electric (CD)
Kerry Livgren - Mask of the great deceiver 7"
Magnum - Live Marquee (double live 7")
Magnum - Goodnight LA (CD)
Magnum - Brand New Morning (CD)
Marillion - Market Square Heroes (7”)
Marillion - Script Of A Jester’s Tear (LP, picture disc)
Marillion - Fugazi (LP, picture disc)
Marillion - Lady Nina (7”)
Marillion - Curtain Call (6CD box, fan club release)
Mastedon - It’s A Jungle Out There (CD - either version)
Mastedon - Lofcaudio (CD)
Loreena McKennitt - Mask & Mirror (limited first edition 2CD including bonus live disc)
Mongol - Dopler 444 (CD)
Motherlode - The Sanctuary (CD or LP)
Motherlode - Downtown (7”)
Motherlode - Wiseman (7”)
Popol Vuh/Ace - Quiche Maya (CD)
Popol Vuh/Ace - Stole from time (CD)
PRKLZ - Deuce (CD)
PRKLZ - any demo
Proto-Kaw – Forth (CD, preferably special edition)
Quiet Sun - Mainstream (CD or LP)
Ragnarök (pre-PRKLZ) - any demo
Rigoni/Schoenherz - Victor (CD or LP)
Rudess/Morgenstein Project (CD)
Rufus Zuphall - Phallobst (CD or LP)
Saga - Phase One (CD)
Sagrado - several LP or CD (check with me)
Shades Of Dawn - The Dawn Of Time (CD)
Sheherazade - same (CD, Japanese prog super group)
Shine Dion - Berkana (7”)
Shine Dion - Secret lullabye/Somewhere along the road (CDsingle)
Steinhardt-Moon - same (CD)
Styx – same (CD)
Styx - Serpent is rising (CD)
Styx - Man of miracles (CD)
Styx - Caught in the act (CD)
Supertramp - Live 88 (CD)
Tea In The Sahara - Behind The Door (CD)
Tea In The Sahara - Boomerang (CD)
Terraced Garden - Within (LP)
Teru’s Symphonia - Castle Of Noi (CD)
Teru’s Symphonia - Teru’s Symphonia (CD)
Tetelestai - Tetelestai (LP)
Timothy Pure - The Fabric Of Betrayal (CD)
Timothy Pure - Bones Of Ghosts (CD)
Triumvirat - A La Carte (CD)
Triumvirat - a couple of 7" singles (check with me)
Urban Trapeze - Reactivated Tarkus (CD)
Unexpect - Fables Of The Sleepless Empire (CD)
Velvet Belly - Colours (CD, either version)
Velvet Belly - Window Tree (CD, either version)
Velvet Belly - Lucia (CD)
Velvet Belly - same (2CD)
Vermilion Sands - Water Blue (CD)
Vision - Changes/Dreamland 7" (Swedish Saga-like band)
Wasa Express - any CD recorded after 2003
Joseph Williams - various CDs and 7”s
Wisehammer - Lessons Never Learned (CD, Terraced Garden related)
Yes - Lift me up (3” CD, Japanese long sleeve)
Frank Zappa - The Grand Wazoo (CD)
Frank Zappa - 200 Motels
Frank Zappa - Cruisin’ with Ruben
Zappa/Beefheart - Bongo Fury
Frank Zappa - Zappa In New York
Frank Zappa - Sleep Dirt
Frank Zappa - Tinseltown Rebellion
Frank Zappa - You Are What You Is
Frank Zappa - Shut Up And Play Yer Guitar
Frank Zappa - Ship Arriving Too Late (low prio)
Frank Zappa - Thing Fish
Frank Zappa - Francesco Zappa
Frank Zappa - You Can’t Do That On Stage Anymore 3
Frank Zappa - You Can’t Do That On Stage Anymore 4
Frank Zappa - You Can’t Do That On Stage Anymore 5
Frank Zappa - You Can’t Do That On Stage Anymore 6
Frank Zappa - The Best Band You Never Heard In Your Life
Frank Zappa - Make A Jazz Noise Here
Frank Zappa - Playground Psychotics
Frank Zappa - Ahead Of Their Time
Frank Zappa - The Yellow Shark
Frank Zappa - Civilization Phase III
Frank Zappa - Läther
Frank Zappa - Everything Is Healing Nicely
Zypressen - Zypressen (CD)


Highlander (the series, box)
District 13 (French action movie)
The Last Action Hero
Flesh & Blood
FX 2
Revenge Of The Nerds (1-4)

Serious offers (trade, sale) are welcome at the jurassic mail address! The list will be updated more or less regularly, so please take a look once in a while...

CDsingles for trade/sale

  • And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead-Another morning stoner-2002 -MCD-? (Interscope)-USA-alt rock-
  • Bad English-Time stood still/Dancing on the edge of the world/Price of love-1991 -MCD-Austria (Epic)-USA-AOR-
  • Bleed The Sky-Paradigm-Entropy-2005 -MCD-D (Nuclear Blast)--metal-
  • Collins, Phil-You can't hurry love/I cannot believe it's true/Oddball-1982 -MCD-Austria (Virgin) 3" Cdsingle-UK--
  • Gathering, The-You learn about it-2003 -MCD-NL (Psychonaut)-NL-atmospheric metal-
  • Gåte-EP-2002 -MCD-? (Warner)-Nor-folky rock-
  • Iced Earth-The reckoning-2003 -MCD-S (SPV) promo-USA-power metal-
  • In Flames-The quiet place-2004 -MCD-D (Nuclear Blast)-Swe-metal-
  • Laibach-Across the Universe-1988 -MCD-UK (Mute)-Slo--
  • Laibach-Wirtschaft-1992 -MCD-UK (Mute)-Slo--
  • Marillion-The great escape/Made again/Marouatte jam-1994 -MCD-NL-UK-neo prog-
  • Marx, Richard-Right here waiting/Wait for the sunrise/Hold on to the nights (live)-1991 -MCD-A (3" CD)-USA-AOR-
  • McKennitt, Loreena-The mummer's dance/(single)/Marrakesh night market (live)/The dark night of the soul (live)-1997 -MCD-D (Quinlan Road/WEA)-Can--
  • Passengers-Miss Sarajevo-1995 -MCD-UK (Island)-UK--
  • Sigur Ros-Sven-G-Englar-1999 -MCD-UK (fatCat)-Ice-postrock-
  • Watson, Patrick -The Great escape-2007 -MCD-EU (Secret City) promo-UK--
  • Within Temptation-What have you done (single)/(rock version)-2007 -MCD-EU (BMG) promo only-NL-atmospheric symphonic metal
  • Within Temptation-Faster/Where is the edge-2011 -MCD-EU (Sony)-NL-atmospheric symphonic metal
  • Yes-Symphonic music of Yes (4 tracks)-1993 -MCD-? (RCA) promo without cover-UK-Yes!!!-

Interested? Drop me a line!

CDs for trade/sale

  • Keane-Under The Iron Sea-2006 -CD/DVD-EU (Island) special book packaging-UK-sympho electro pop
  • Muse-The Resistance-2009 -CD/DVD-? (Warner) incl bonus DVD, digi STILL SEALED-UK-postrock-
  • Banco De Gaia-Last Train To Lhasa-1995 -2CD-UK (Ultimate)-UK-trance-
  • Okumoto, Ryo-Coming through-2002 -2CD-D (InsideOut) with multi-media CD-USA-keyboard-sympho-prog
  • Williamson, Robin-Four Gruagach Tales-2006 -2CD-UK (Gott Disc)-UK-folk rock-
  • Yes-The ultimate Yes 35th anniversary collection-2003 -2CD-? (Warner)-D-Yes!!!-
  • 3 Hürel-Efsane Yeniden-1996 -CD-Tur (ADA)-Tur-folk-ish-
  • 3rd and the Mortal, The-Tears laid in earth-1994 -CD-Nor (Voices Of Wonder)-NOR-atmospheric metal
  • Afterworld-Connecting Animals-2000 -CD-? (Noise) no booklet-Fin-metal-
  • AGF/Delay-Symptoms-2009 -CD-EU (BPitch Control)-D-dance/electronic music
  • Akbayram, Edip & Dostlar-Nedir Ne Degildir?-1976 -CD-Kor (World Psychedelic)-Tur-ethno/psych-
  • Albion Dance Band, The-The Prospect Before Us-1976 -CD-UK (BGO)-UK-folk-rock-
  • Amorphis-Far from the sun-2003 -CD-EU (Virgin/EMI)-Fin-dark metal-
  • And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead-The Century Of Self-2009 -CD-D (Superball)-USA-alt rock-
  • And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead-The Secret Of Elena's Tomb-2003 -CD-EU (Interscope) -USA-alt rock-
  • AOR-L.A. Concession-2006 -CD-D (MTM)-div-AOR-
  • Apoptygma Berzerk-Soli Deo Gloria-1993 -CD-? (Tatra)-Nor-dark wave-
  • Ashra-New age of earth-1977 -CD-UK (Virgin)-D-Krautrock-
  • Asia (UK)-Asia-1982 -CD-USA (Geffen)-UK-stadium prog-
  • Asia (UK)-Astra-1985 -CD-D (Geffen)-UK-stadium prog-
  • Asia (UK)-Arena-1996 -CD-UK (Bullet Proof)-UK-stadium prog-
  • Atheist-Piece Of Time-1989 -CD-USA (Relapse) incl bonus-USA-technical death
  • Attention Deficit-Attention Deficit-1998 -CD-? (Magna Carta)-USA-complex prog-
  • Axia-Axia-1988 -CD-D (MTM Classix) promo-Swe-melodic metal-
  • Ayreon -1011001-2008 -CD-D (IOM)---
  • Azymuth-Tudo Bem-1989 -CD-Can (Intima)-Bra-jazz-rock-
  • Baby Woodrose-Money For Soul-2003 -CD-Dan (Bad Afro)-Dan-heavy psych-
  • Banco-Come In Un'Ultima Cena-1976 -CD-It (Virgin)-I-symphonic prog
  • Baroness-Blue Record-2009 -CD-USA? (Relapse)-USA-metal-
  • Bi Kyo Ran-A Violent Music-1998 -CD-F (Musea)-Jap-Crimson-like-
  • Big Brother & The Holding Company-Big Brother & The Holding Company-1966 -CD-? (Columbia) + bonus-USA-blues (ish)-
  • Biosphere-Patashnik-1994 -CD-Nor? (Beatservice) digi-Nor-ambient dance
  • BJH-Gone to earth-1977 -CD-D (Polydor)-UK-symphonic prog
  • Black Comedy-Instigator-2008 -CD-? (Season of Mist) metal case-Nor?-metal-
  • Blind Guardian-Nightfall in Middle Earth-2007 -CD-EU (Virgin/EMI)-D-epic metal-
  • Bonham, Tracy-The Liverpool Sessions-1994 -CD-? (Big Cat/Rough Trade)-UK?-rock-
  • Bourelly, Jean-Paul-Boom Bop-2000 -CD-USA (Jazz Magnet) digi-USA-jazz-
  • Brian Jonestown Massacre, The-(Bringing It All Bach Home - Again)-1999 -CD-digipack-USA-rock-
  • Brightman, Sarah-Timeless-1997 -CD-D? (EastWest=)-UK--
  • Broughton Band, Edgar-Out Demons Out!-2001 -CD-EU (Harvest)-UK-psychedelic jamrock
  • Bryngelsson, Peter-Via-1990 -CD-Swe (Slask)-Swe--
  • Cacophony-Go Off!-1988 -CD-? (RoadRunner)-USA-guitar shred-
  • Camel-Mirage-1974 -CD-D (Deram)-UK-symphonic prog
  • Caravan-Cunning stunts-1975 -CD-D (Repertoire) no booklet-UK-Canterbury-
  • Casino-Casino-1992 -CD-UK (Verglass) CD-RI-UK-prog-
  • Casino Steel (& related)-Past The Point Of No Return-2012 -CD-? (Revolution Records)-UK-hard rock-
  • Celtic-Access To Innerspace-1997 -CD-NL (Neon)-NL-trance-
  • Celtic Frost-Into The Pandemomium-1987?-CD-? (Noise)-CH-extreme metal
  • Circle C-Circle C-1991 -CD-USA (Geffen)-USA?-rock-
  • Circus Maximus-Isolate-2007 -CD-It (Frontiers) no cover-Dan-melodic hard rock
  • Cky-Carver City-2009 -CD-EU (RoadRunner) slipcase & bonus-USA-metal/nu-metal
  • Clan Of Xymox-Hidden Faces-1997 -CD-D (Tess)-NL-wave-
  • Climie, Simon-Soul Inspiration-1992 -CD-? (Epic)-UK-pop-
  • Clinton, George & The P-Funk Allstars-T.A.P.O.A.F.O.M.-1996 -CD-? (Epic/550 Music)-USA-P-funk-
  • Cluster-Zuckerzeit-1974 -CD-D (Brain/Revisited) digi-D-electronic-
  • Collins, Shirley & Dolly-Anthems In Eden-1969 -CD-UK (BGO)-UK-folk-rock-
  • Colosseum II-Strange new flesh-1976 -CD-UK (Castle)-UK-progressive jazz-rock
  • Cross-Playgrounds-2004 -CD-Swe (Progress)-Swe-symphonic prog
  • Crystal Fighters-Star of love-2011 -CD-? (PIAS)-?-folk dance-
  • Cure, The-Concert - The Cure Live-1984 -CD-D (Fiction)-UK--
  • Cybele-Brightly Blackhearted-1998 -CD-Nor (Head Not Found)-Nor-gothic-
  • Dead Flowers-Homecoming-2005 -CD-Nor (RAW)-Nor-folky rock-
  • Deceiver-Tales Of Time-1994 -CD-D (Battery)-D-metal-
  • Demons & Wizards-Touched By The Crimson King-2005 -CD-D (Steamhammer) promo-D & USA-power metal-
  • Dionysus-Anima Mundi-2004 -CD-D (AFM)-Swe-melodic metal-
  • Drake, Nick-Pink Moon-1972 -CD-UK? (Island) -UK-singer songwriter
  • Drake, Nick-Pink Moon-1972 -CD-D (Island) no inlay/cover-UK-singer songwriter
  • Dreamsfear-Prelude To destiny-1998 -CD-Monument Music-Ire-dark metal-
  • Dreamtale-Beyond Reality-2002 -CD-? (Spinefarm)-Fin-progmetal-
  • Drecker, Anneli-Tundra-2000 -CD-EU (EMI) no cover, scratches-NOR--
  • Elis-God's Silence Devil's Temptation-2003 -CD-D (Napalm Records)-?-gothic metal-
  • Eloy-Ocean 2: The Answer-1998 -CD-D (EMI)-D-symphonic prog
  • Emerson, Keith, Glenn Hughes, Marc Bonilla-Boys Club - Live From California-2009 -CD-D (Ear Music)-UK--
  • End, The-Elementary-2007 -CD-NL? (Relapse) digi-USA?-metal-
  • Eno, Brian & David Byrne-My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts-1981 -CD-UK (EG/Virgin)-UK--
  • Ensoph-3 - Bleeding Womb Of Ananke-200?-CD-It (Beyond Prod) promo-It-dark metal-
  • Environments 1-Psychologically Ultimate Seashore-1987 -CD-USA (Atlantic)-USA-new age-
  • Eurythmics-Revenge-1986 -CD-D (RCA)-UK-pop-
  • Fates Warning-The Spectre Within-1985 -CD-D (Metal Blade)-USA-progmetal-
  • Fiaba-Il Cappello A Tre Punte-1996 -CD-It (PickUp)-It-heavy prog-
  • Fig Leaf-Fearless-1998 -CD-Nor (flmcd)-Nor-retro prog-
  • Fireman, The-Electric Arguments-2008 -CD-? (mpl/One little indian) digi-UK-electronic-
  • Foreigner-JukeBox Heroes: Foreigner - The Mail On Sunday Sampler-200?-CD-UK (Big Time TV)-USA-AOR-
  • Gabriel, Peter-Shaking The Tree - Sixteen Golden Greats-1990 -CD-UK (Virgin)-UK-sophisticated prog pop
  • Galactic Cowboys-Galactic Cowboys-1991 -CD-USA (Geffen)-USA-intelligent hard rock
  • Galahad-Decade-1991 -CD-D (Blue Stone/Semaphore)-UK-neo prog-
  • Gathering-Legends Of Folk Rock-2009 -CD-UK (Hypertension)-UK-folk-rock-
  • Gathering, The-Mandylion-1995 -CD-D (Century)-NL--
  • Genesis-Genesis - The Mail On Sunday Sampler-2008 -CD-UK (UpFront/EMI)-UK-symphonic prog
  • Genesis-Genesis-1983 -CD-NL (Virgin)-UK-symphonic prog
  • Gentle Giant-Gentle Giant-1970 -CD-D (Vertigo)-UK-complex prog-
  • Gibson's Solitudes, Dan-Algonquin Suite-1992 -CD-Can (CDG)-Can?-new age-
  • Gilmour, David-On An Island-2006 -CD-EU (EMI) book packaging-UK--
  • Gordian Knot-Emergent-2003 -CD-USA (Sensory)-USA-avant-prog-
  • H-Ice cream genius-1998 -CD-UK (Castle)-UK-sympho-pop-
  • Hall & Oates-Behind the music-2002 -CD-USA (BMG Heritage)-USA-pop-
  • Harper, Roy-In Between Every Line-1995 -CD-UK (Science Friction)-UK-folk-rock-
  • Harvey, Mick-Sketches From The Book Of The Dead-2011 -CD-EU (Mute) digi-Aus--NEW
  • Hawkwind-Hall Of The Mountain Grill (+ bonus)-1974 -CD-EU (EMI)-UK-space rock-NEW
  • Heimdal, Ronny-Timequake-1999 -CD-Nor (private)-Nor-jazz-rock-
  • Henry, Pierre & Michel Colombier-Messe Pour Le Temp Present -1997 -CD-? (Universal)-F-lounge-
  • Hoobastank-For(n)ever-2009 -CD-USA (Island)-USA-nu/alt metal-
  • House Of Lords-Sahara-1990 -CD-D (RCA)-USA-pomp rock-
  • House Of Shakira-Lint-1997 -CD-D (Sempahore)-Dan--
  • Hughes, Glenn-Addiction-1996 -CD-D (Steamhammer)-UK-hard rock-
  • Imperia-Queen Of Light-2007 -CD-D (Massacre) digi-Nor-symphonic prog
  • Iona-Heaven's Bright Sun-1997 -CD-NL (Alliance)-D-Celtic prog-
  • IQ-Nomzamo-1987 -CD-UK (GEP) w bonus-UK-neo prog-
  • Island-Pictures (CD-RI incl bonustrack)-1977 -CD-USA (Laser's Edge)-CH-dark jazz-prog
  • Jade Warrior-Jade Warrior-1971 -CD-D (Repertoire Records) mini-LP-UK-ethnic-psych prog
  • Jarreau, Al-Heaven And Earth-1992 -CD-D (Warner) promo sticker-USA-fusion-
  • Jewel-Pieces Of You-1997 -CD-D (Atlantic)-USA-rock-
  • JJ72-I To Sky-2002 -CD-Austria (Lakota)-UK-alternative rock
  • Kaleidoscope-Egyptian Candy (A Collection)-1991 -CD-USA (Epic)-USA-psychedelic-
  • Kancheli, Giya-Exil-1995 -CD-D (ECM)-?--
  • Kansas-Leftoverture-1976 -CD-Austria (CBS)-USA-prog-
  • Kansas-Two for the show (1 CD version)-1978 -CD-? (Sony)-USA-prog-
  • Keys, Alicia-The diary of Alicia Keys-2003 -CD-EU (J Records)-USA-r&b-
  • King Crimson-THRAK-1995 -CD-NL (DGM) no booklet-UK-prog-
  • King Crimson-Epitaph (live 1969) -1997 -CD-UK (Discipline) box with 2 CDs-UK-prog-
  • Konsortium, The-The Konsortium-2011 -CD-Nor (Agonia) digi-Nor-extreme metal
  • Kristine, Liv-Enter my religion-2006 -CD-D? (Roadrunner)-Nor-gothic pop-
  • Kylesa-Static Tensions-2009 -CD-US (Prosthethic)-USA-stoner-
  • Lacrimas Profundere-Burning A Wish-2001 -CD-D (Napalm)-D--
  • Laibach-Kapital-1992 -CD-UK (Mute)-Yug--
  • Larson, Jeff-Upper Story Landing-1995 -CD-NL? (It Stinks)-USA-rock, Neil Young like
  • Last Crack-Burning Tinme-1991 -CD-? (RoadRunner)-USA-hard rock-
  • Lawton, John-Heartbeat-2000 -CD-UK (Red Steel)-UK-progressive hard rock
  • Lefay-S.O.S.-2000 -CD-? (Modern Music) no booklet-?-epic metal-
  • Leviticus-Setting Fire To The Earth-1987 -CD-Swe (Solid Rock Import)-Swe-melodic hard rock
  • Lionard, Iarla O-The seven steps to mercy-1997-CD-UK (Real World)-Ire-Celtic-
  • Load, The-Praise The Load-1976 -CD-USA (Laser's Edge)-USA-symphonic prog
  • Lotus (Swe)-Quartet Conspiracy-2000 -CD-Swe (Record Heaven)-Swe-hard rock-
  • Low-Christmas-199?-CD-UK (Tugboat)-USA--
  • Low Motion Trio, The-Song-1999 -CD-NL (Via) digi-NL-jazz-
  • Lukather, Steve-Luke-1997 -CD-Austria (Columbia)-USA--
  • Luna Sea-Eden-1993 -CD-Jap (MCA)-Jap--
  • Mae, Vanessa-Storm-1997 -CD-NL (EMI)-?-violin prodigy-
  • Magnolia Electric Co-Josephine-2009 -CD-USA (Secretly Canadian)-USA-folky rock-
  • Malloy, Mitch-Ceilings & Walls-1994 -CD-? (RCA) no inlay-USA-pop-
  • Manning, Matt-Waltzin' An Angel-1996 -CD-Ire (Round Tower)-USA?--
  • Marble Sheep-For demolition of a spiritual framework-2004 -CD-D (Fünfundvierzig)-Jap-psychedelic rock
  • Martika-Martika's Kitchen-1991 -CD-? (Columbia)-USA-pop/rock-
  • Martin, Eric-I'm Goin' Sane-2002 -CD-It (Frontiers) -USA-AOR-
  • Martin, Jim-Milk And Blood-1997 -CD-D (Steamhammer)-USA-crossover metal
  • Masterplan-Masterplan (incl bonus CD)-2002 -CD-? (Painful Lust) no booklet-div-power metal-
  • Matos, André-Time Free-2008 -CD-D (Steamhammer/SPV)-Bra-progmetal-
  • Meduza-Now And Forever-2002 -CD-D (Massacre) promo-?-epic metal-
  • Midlake-The Trials Of Van Occupanther-2006 -CD-EU (Bella Union)-USA-acid folk-
  • Midnight Sun-Metalmachine-2001 -CD-D (Limb)-Swe-powermetal-
  • Millenium-Jericho-2004 -CD-promo-?-epic metal-
  • Minhyriath-Gonddolyn-2008 -CD-CH (Black Tower)-CH-folk-metal-
  • Miranda Sex Garden-Fairytales of slavery-1994 -CD-UK (Mute Records)-UK-alt-rock-
  • Monster Magnet-Greatest Hits (2CD)-2003 -CD-EU (A&M)-USA-psych hard rock
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  • Motorpsycho-Trust Us-1998 -CD-Nor (Columbia) digipack-Nor--
  • Mullmuzzler-2-2001 -CD-? (Magna Carta)-USA-progmetal-
  • Muse-Origin of symmetry (enhanced disc)-2001 -CD-D (Taste/PIAS) no booklet-UK-postrock-
  • Mushroom River Band, The-Music From The World Beyond-2000 -CD-D (I Used To...)-Swe-psychedelic-
  • My Dying Bride-Trinity-1995 -CD-UK (Peaceville)-UK-dark metal-
  • My Vitriol-Finelines-2001 -CD--UK?-alt rock-
  • Mystery-Destiny?-1998 -CD-F (Musea)-Can-AOR prog-
  • National Bank, The-Come On Over To The Other Side-2008 -CD-?? (PressPlay)-Nor-poppy, rocky-
  • Nelson-After the rain World Tour-2010 -CD-It (Frontiers)-USA-AOR-
  • New England-New England-1979 -CD-USA (Renaissance)-USA-pomp rock-
  • Obmana, Vidna-Spore-2003 -CD-(Relapse)-Bel-dark ambient-
  • Obmana, Vidna-Spore-2003 -CD-mp3--Bel-
  • Ocean, The-Aeolian-2005 -CD-D (Metal Blade) slipcase-D-post-rock-metal
  • OHO!-ecce OHO!-1998 -CD-D (Little Wing Of Refugees) no cover-USA--
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  • Opeth-Still Life-1999 -CD-UK (Peaceville) no booklet-Swe-atmospheric metal
  • Opium Cartel-Night Bloom-2009 -CD-Nor (TermoRecords) digi-Nor-atmospheric prog-folk
  • Opus Avantra-Donella Del Monaco (+ 1 bonus)-1974 -CD-It (Artis)-It-avant-prog-
  • Orb-Cydonia-2001 -CD-EU (Universal/Island) without cover-UK-electronic-
  • Orb-Bicycles & Tricycles-2004 -CD-? (Cooking Vinyl)-UK-electronic-
  • Orphanage-Driven-2004 -CD-D (Nuclear Blast)-NL-gothic metal-
  • Ossessione-Un Po' D'Amore-1997 -CD-It (Freak Out)-It-alt/punk/psych rock
  • Paganize-Evolution Hour-200?-CD-? (Candlelight) no booklet-?-metal-
  • Pain Of Salvation-The Second Death Of-2009 -CD-D (Inside Out)-Swe-progmetal-
  • Palmer, Robert-At His Very Best-2002 -CD-EU (Universal)-UK-rock-
  • Paragon Of Beauty-Comfor me, infinity-2001 -CD-D (Prophecy) promo?-D-dark metal-
  • Pharaoh Overlord-The Battle Of The Axehammer-2004 -CD-? (Last Visible Dog)-Fin-doomy psych-
  • Phew-Our Likeness-1992 -CD-UK (Mute)-Jap-Krautrock-
  • Pink Floyd-Echoes - Six Track Sampler-2001 -CD-? (EMI) promo-UK-space prog-
  • Planet-Let me rule your world-1995 -CD-NL (Funny Sound)-NL-guitar rock-
  • Plant, Robert & Jimmy Page-Walking Into Clarksdale-1998 -CD-UK (Mercury)-UK--
  • Primal Fear-Seven Seals-200?-CD-D (Nuclear Blast) no booklet-D-power metal-
  • Primordial-The Gathering Wilderness-2005 -CD-? (Metal Blade) no cover-UK?-folk metal-
  • Pure Reason Revolution-Amor Vincit Omnia -2009 -CD-D (Superball)-UK--NEW
  • Quill, The-Voodoo Caravan-2001 -CD-D (Steamhammer/SPV)-Swe-hard rock-
  • Radiohead-Amnesiac-2001 -CD-EU (Parlophone) promo-UK-post rock-
  • Rainbow (Ritchie Blackmore's)-Stranger In Us All-1995 -CD-EC (RCA/BMG)-UK-classic hard rock
  • Raw Material-Time is...-1971 -CD-It (Akarma)-UK-early organ heavy prog
  • Ray-Somewhere in the universe-1995 -CD-USA (Universe)-USA-Tull-like-
  • Reekers, Edward-Stages-1992 -CD-NL (SPH)-NL-melodic pop/rock
  • Renaissance, Annie Haslam's-Blessing in disguise-1994 -CD-UK (Transatlantic)-UK-symphonic prog
  • Ring Of Myth-Unbound-1996 -CD-USA (Kinesis) booklet misses 1 page-USA-Genesis like-
  • Rob-Don't kill-2001 -CD-EU (Source)-F-symphonic pop
  • Round House-Wings To Rest-2001 -CD-Jap (Music Term)-Jap-jazz-rock-
  • Rundgren, Todd-One Long Year-2000 -CD-Austria (Sheridan)-USA--
  • Rush-Different Stages - only bonus CD Hammersmith 1978-1998 -CD-USA (Atlantic)-Can-power prog-
  • Rush-Signals-1982 -CD-D (Mercury) remaster-Can-power prog-
  • Saga (Can)-Wildest Dreams-1987 -CD-D (Bonaire)-Can--
  • Sanne-Language Of The Heart-1994 -CD-UK (Virgin) no cover-Dan-AOR/melodic rock
  • Savage Rose, The-Black Angel-1995 -CD-Dan (MEGA Records)-Dan--
  • Secret Garden (& Special Guests)-Inside I'm Singing-2007 -CD-? (Universal)-Nor-atmospheric symphonic pop
  • Secret Sphere-Sweet Blood Theory-2008 -CD-EU (Dockyard) promo-It-power progmetal
  • Sevåg, Øystein-Based On A True Story-2007 -CD-? (Siddharta)-Nor--
  • Sevåg, Øystein-Link-1993 -CD-D (Siddharta) no booklet-Nor-new age-
  • Shadowland-Mad as a hatter-1996 -CD-UK (Verglas)-UK-neo prog-
  • Sigur Ros-Agaetis Byrjun-2000 -CD-? (PIAS)-Ice-postrock-
  • Sigur Ros-Takk-2005 -CD-NL (EMI)-Ice-postrock-
  • Sinclair, David-Moon Over Man-1993 (76)-CD-UK (Voiceprint)-UK-Canterbury-
  • Sonata Artica-Unia-2007 -CD-D (Nuclear Blast)-Fin-prog/powermetal
  • Sonic Youth-Bad Moon Rising . Satan Flower Halloween-1985 -CD-? (Geffen)-USA-noise-
  • Spring-Spring-1971 -CD-USA (Lasers Edge) CD-RI 1992-UK?-symphonic prog
  • Spring-Spring-1971 -CD-D (Repertoire)-UK-symphonic prog
  • Star One-Victims Of The Modern Age (ltd edt book with bonus CD)-2010 -CD-D (InsideOut) still sealed-NL-progmetal-
  • Steamhammer-Mountains-1971 -CD-D (Repertoire)-UK-early heavy prog
  • Storm Corrosion-Storm Corrosion-2012 -CD-EU (RoadRunner)-UK/Swe--NEW
  • Storyteller, The-Crossroad-2001 -CD-Swe (No Fashion) promo-Swe-power metal-
  • Strangers on a Train-The key-1990 -CD-? (SI Music) 1st edition, no booklet-UK-symphonic 'chamber' prog
  • Sun Dial-Acid Yantra-2007 -CD-UK (Acme)-UK-psychedelic-
  • Sundial-Libertine-1993 -CD-UK (Beggar's Banquet)-UK-space rock-
  • Sylvester, Jorge - Afro-Caribbean Experimental Trio-In the ear of the beholder-2000 -CD-USA (Jazz Magnet) digi-USA-jazz-
  • Syn, The-Syndestructible-2005 -CD-UK (Umbrello Records)-UK-prog-
  • Talisman-Genesis-1993 -CD-? (DINCD)-Swe-progmetal-
  • Tangerine Dream-Stratosfear-1976 -CD-NL (Virgin) -D-electronic pioneers
  • Tarot-Suffer Our Pleasures-2003 -CD-Fin (Spinefarm)-Fin-power metal (Nightwish)
  • Tatum, Art-Piano Starts Here-1968 -CD-Austria (Columbia)-USA-jazz-
  • Televizor-Fatherland of illusions-1987 -CD-Rus (Caravan Records)-Rus-rock-
  • Textures-Polars-2004 -CD-F (Listenable) promo-NL-progmetal-
  • Towns' Mask Orchestra, Colin-Nowehere & Heaven-1996 -CD-UK (Provocateur)-UK--
  • Townsend, Devin-Terria-2001 -CD-D (InsideOut)-USA-progmetal-
  • Trail Of Tears-Profoundemonium-2000 -CD-? (NPR) no inlay-Nor-gothic metal-
  • Turner, Nik-Prophets Of Time-1994 -CD-USA (Cleopatra)-UK-space rock-
  • UK-Danger money-1979 -CD-US (EG)-UK-symphonic jazz-prog
  • Umbra Et Imago-Mea Culpa-2000 -CD-D (Oblivion/SPV)-D-Rammstein-like
  • Urges, The-Psychic Ward-2008 -CD-? (Wicked Cool) digipack-USA?-psychedelic/garage
  • v.a.-Nordic progressive sampler (Qoph, Etcetera, Zello, Galleon, Grovjobb, Cross, etc)-1999 -CD-Swe (Record Heaven) promo only-div--
  • v.a.-Razor - 15 Nuclear Assaults (Megadeth, Porcupine Tree, Alice In Chains, Ministry, etc)-2009 -CD-UK (Metal Hammer)---
  • v.a.-Psychedelic Underground 9 (Trikolon, Eiliff, Join In, Pancake, etc)-2004 -CD-D (Garden Of Delights)-D-various prog-
  • v.a.-The art of Sysyphus vol. 04 (RPWL, IQ, Alias Eye, K. Schulze, Autumnblaze, etc)-2000 -CD-D (Eclipsed) cardboard sleeve-div-various prog-
  • v.a.-Back In Black Redux-2010 -CD---ACDC covers-
  • v.a.-The first Cut is the Deepest-2010 -CD-UK (Classic Rock)--hard/rock 'n roll
  • v.a.-New Species, Volume II-2011 -CD-? (CRS)-div-various prog-
  • v.a.-This Is Radio Slash (Michael Monroe, Alter Bridge, BB King, .. ..)-2012 -CD-UK (Future/Classic rock)-div-various rock-
  • v.a.-Cherry Bombs (A Cherry Red sampler)-2012 -CD-UK (Future/Classic rock)-div-various-
  • Viima-Ajatuksia Maailman Laidalta-2006 -CD-Fin (Viima Records)-Fin-symphonic prog
  • Voivod-Kronik-1998 -CD-Can (hypnotic)-Can-tech metal-
  • Voivod-Katorz-2006 -CD-D (Nuclear Blast) digi -Can-complex metal
  • Värttinä-The first album-1987 -CD-Fin (Finlandia)-Fin-folk-
  • We-Dinosauric Futurobic-2002 -CD-Nor (Black Balloon)-Nor-stoner-
  • We-Smugglers-2004 -CD-? (Nunmusic)-Nor-stoner-
  • Wealthy Beggar-Roxxx in the disco-2004 -CD-NL (PIAS)-NL-rock-
  • Westbrook Orchestra, Mike-Bar Utopia-1996 -CD-D (Enja)-UK-jazzy-
  • White Willow-Signal To Noise-2006 -CD-USA (Laser's Edge)-Nor--
  • Whitesnake-Trouble-1978 -CD-USA (Geffen)-UK-hard rock-
  • Willson-Piper, Marty-Spirit Level-1992 -CD-USA (Rykodisc)-Aus-rock-
  • Wilson, Steven-Grace For Drowning-2011 -CD-? (Kscope) digibook edition-UK--NEW
  • Winwood, Steve-About time-2003 -CD-USA (Wincraft)-UK-jazz-prog-rock
  • Winwood, Steve-Chronicles-1987 -CD-D (Island)-UK-rock-
  • Wisp-The Shimmering Hour-2009 -CD-UK (Rephlex)-Ice--
  • Within Temptation-Mother Earth (green cover, with 4 bonus tracks)-2000 -CD-D (BMG)-NL-atmospheric symphonic metal
  • Wlud-Second Coming-1979 -CD-F (Musea)-F-Zeuhl-
  • Yello-Flag-1988 -CD-D (Phonogram/Fontana)-CH-synthi-pop-
  • Yello-Claro Que Si-1981 -CD-D (Phonogram/Vertigo)-CH-synthi-pop-
  • Yes-Big generator-1987 -CD-D (Atco) damaged CD - scratch on last track-UK-Yes!!!-
  • Zanister-Zanister-1999 -CD-? (Shark) no booklet-?--
  • Zappa, Frank/The Mothers-Fillmore East - June 1971-1971 -CD-USA (Ryko) FZ approved remaster-USA-Zappa!!!!-
  • Zongamin-Zongamin-2002 -CD-? (XL Records)-Jap--
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