vrijdag 4 januari 2013

CDsingles for trade/sale

  • And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead-Another morning stoner-2002 -MCD-? (Interscope)-USA-alt rock-
  • Bad English-Time stood still/Dancing on the edge of the world/Price of love-1991 -MCD-Austria (Epic)-USA-AOR-
  • Bleed The Sky-Paradigm-Entropy-2005 -MCD-D (Nuclear Blast)--metal-
  • Collins, Phil-You can't hurry love/I cannot believe it's true/Oddball-1982 -MCD-Austria (Virgin) 3" Cdsingle-UK--
  • Gathering, The-You learn about it-2003 -MCD-NL (Psychonaut)-NL-atmospheric metal-
  • Gåte-EP-2002 -MCD-? (Warner)-Nor-folky rock-
  • Iced Earth-The reckoning-2003 -MCD-S (SPV) promo-USA-power metal-
  • In Flames-The quiet place-2004 -MCD-D (Nuclear Blast)-Swe-metal-
  • Laibach-Across the Universe-1988 -MCD-UK (Mute)-Slo--
  • Laibach-Wirtschaft-1992 -MCD-UK (Mute)-Slo--
  • Marillion-The great escape/Made again/Marouatte jam-1994 -MCD-NL-UK-neo prog-
  • Marx, Richard-Right here waiting/Wait for the sunrise/Hold on to the nights (live)-1991 -MCD-A (3" CD)-USA-AOR-
  • McKennitt, Loreena-The mummer's dance/(single)/Marrakesh night market (live)/The dark night of the soul (live)-1997 -MCD-D (Quinlan Road/WEA)-Can--
  • Passengers-Miss Sarajevo-1995 -MCD-UK (Island)-UK--
  • Sigur Ros-Sven-G-Englar-1999 -MCD-UK (fatCat)-Ice-postrock-
  • Watson, Patrick -The Great escape-2007 -MCD-EU (Secret City) promo-UK--
  • Within Temptation-What have you done (single)/(rock version)-2007 -MCD-EU (BMG) promo only-NL-atmospheric symphonic metal
  • Within Temptation-Faster/Where is the edge-2011 -MCD-EU (Sony)-NL-atmospheric symphonic metal
  • Yes-Symphonic music of Yes (4 tracks)-1993 -MCD-? (RCA) promo without cover-UK-Yes!!!-

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2 opmerkingen:

  1. Hello, I am a collector of underground and obscure 70s heavy rock music in the USA that stumbled across your Jurassic files when searching for a May Street Tops LP. I tried to download the files from your blog site but it looks as if the RapidShare links are disabled. Are you allowing this material to be accessed?

    Thanks in advance. The one file I saw in Calumeo looks great! Is this going to be published as a book?

  2. Edward - thanks for your post. I'm about to update some of the site in the near future and I'm planning to do future updates rather through Calameo than Rapidshare since I keep encountering trouble with links. You should be able to download the files from Calameo when you create a (free) account. Please let me know if this works for you (contact via: jurassic (at) online (dot) no.

    I've come a long way preparing the Q and Z now, and hope to have them "out there" quite soon...

    I won't do a real book, unless I hit jackpot. Butyou can print it yourself of course! (I did for home use).