vrijdag 4 januari 2013

7" singles for trade/sale

  • Alphaville-Dance with me/The nelson highrise sector two-1986 -7"-D (WEA)-D-synthi-pop-
  • Anderson, Jon-Cage of freedom/Worker's dance-1984 -7"-NL (CBS)-UK--
  • Bad English-Forget me not/Lay down-1989 -7"-NL (Epic)-USA-AOR-
  • Bush, Kate-On Stage-1979 -7"-NL (EMI) no sleeve-UK--
  • Clannad-Closer to your heart/Buachaill on eirne-1986 -7"-UK (RCA)-Ire-Celtic prog/pop
  • Europe-Rock the night/Seven doors hotel-1986 -7"-NL (Epic)-Swe-hard rock-
  • Everything But The Girl-Get back together/My baby don't love me/Me and Bobby D-1990 -7"-flexi promo disc-UK-wave-
  • Genesis-Abacab/Another record-1981 -7"-NL (Charisma)-UK-symphonic prog
  • Gregory, Glenn & Claudia Brücken-When your heart runs out of time/When your heart runs out of time (drumless)-1985 -7"-UK? (ZZT)-D-symphonic pop
  • Loverboy-Working for the weekend/Emotional-1981 -7"-NL (CBS)-USA-AOR-
  • Mezzoforte-This is the night/Check it out-1984 -7"-UK (Steinar)-Ice-fusion-
  • Mr Mister-Broken wings/Uniform of youth-1985 -7"-NL (RCA)-USA-melodic rock/pop
  • Phenomena-Did it all for love/Double 6 55 44-1987 -7"-D? (Arista)-UK-(progressive) hard rock
  • Saga (Can)-What do I know?/Here I am-1985 -7"-D (Polydor)-Can--
  • Toto-Stranger in town/Change of heart-1984 -7"-NL (CBS)-USA-AOR-
  • Toto-Africa/We made it-1982 -7"-NL (CBS)-USA-AOR-
  • Toto-Out of love/Moodido (The match)-1990 -7"-NL (CBS)-USA-AOR-
  • Toto-St George and the dragon/A secret love-1979 -7"-NL (CBS)-USA-AOR-
  • v.a.-Metal Hammer flexi: Tankard/Celtic Frost-1988 -7"-flexi promo disc-div-metal-
  • v.a.-Metal Hammer flexi: Mammoth/Slave Raider-1985 -7"-flexi promo disc-div-metal-
  • Vollenweider, Andreas-Night fire dance/The play of the five balls/The five planets-1984 -7"-NL (CBS) maybe promo-CH-new-agey-light-fusion
  • Yes-It can happen/It can happen (live)-1984 -7"-D (WEA)-UK-Yes!!!-
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